A Century of Comfort, Made Exclusively in Hong Kong

For more than a hundred years, with its well-known Medicated Oil and Healing Balm, Po Sum On has been an integral part of Hong Kong people’s life and has become a must-have in every household’s medicine cabinet. Back In the early 20th century during which Chinese and Western proprietary medicine had yet to become commonplace, medicine prescription was a tiresome process for patients, regardless of the severity of illness. When ailments struck, whether it be a cold and fever, bronchial cough, dizziness or abdominal pain, patients had to first seek a doctor in Chinese medicine, get prescribed medicine from a herbal shop, then bring the herbs back to their home for herbal decoction. Appreciating the difficulty, Mr. Kwok Chu Nam, founder of Po Sum On and an expert in Chinese herbal medicine, developed a topical oil with a fine blend of medicinal herbs to treat a variety of ailments, naming it the “Po Sum On Medicated Oil”, an oil to assure the well-being of the whole family. The product’s therapeutic effectiveness was proven, and in 1907, the “Po Sum On Medicine Factory” was officially registered as a Hong Kong manufacturer, with its first shop opening at Li Yuen Street West, Central. In 1910, the company adopted the image of a bouncing, happy-looking, heart-warming Chinese boy (Tóngzǐ) as its registered trademark, a symbol of lasting prosperity and joy in traditional Chinese culture. In the ensuring years, Po Sum On’s operations expanded throughout Southeast Asia, establishing outlets and factories in Guangzhou, Vietnam and Macau. The brand continues to grow in the 1950s and beyond, reaching every corner of the world from Taiwan to Australia, North America and Europe.