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Po Sum On Medicated Oil and Po Sum On Healing Balm Preparations Developed by Mr. Kwok Siu Kui (Alias Chu Nam)

In the early 20th century, over-the-counter Chinese or Western medicine was scarce.  When ailments struck, the only solution was to get medicine prescribed by a herbalist from a herbal medicine shop.  Then came the labourious process of preparing the remedy at home.  To sufferers of minor complaints like colds and coughs, dizziness and abdominal pain, this practice was both expensive and time consuming.  Appreciating this need, Mr. Kwok Chu Nam, an expert of Chinese medicine, developed a medicated oil for external use with a fine blend of medicinal herbs.  He named it Po Sum On Medicated Oil – an oil to assure well being of the whole family.  When its effects were further proven, the product was registered and officially marketed in Hong Kong in 1907.

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“Po Sum On Medicated Oil” and “Po Sum On Healing Balm” are using essences and fragrances extracted from more than ten precious herbs through esoteric and proprietary process.  They are mild in nature and able to bring about good relieving effects with little irritation of skin. 

The packaging of Po Sum On is enriched with Chinese artistic elements; and the decorating pattern on the outer tin together with the brand’s “child logo”, brings along a touch of ancient elegance.


Social Responsibility

Self Photos / Files - 1-caring-company Contribution to the society is always one of core values of Po Sum On.  It is committed to serving the community through various social service and charity events.  Po Sum On has been awarded “Caring Company” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for ten consecutive years.