Quality Assurance

Made Entirely in Hong Kong


While Po Sum On has a well-established tradition for quality and therapeutic effectiveness, it has also moved with the times, with modernized, automated facilities replacing manual labour to allow for more efficient manufacturing.


We remain dedicated to our roots and endeavour to be meticulous in each and every step during production, from ingredient selection, extraction, blending, mixing and packaging. Our manufacturing line is fully based in Hong Kong. Our products and the entire production process fully comply with the standards of the Hong Kong Department of Health’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


To ensure that we stay ahead of the curve, we have invested over millions to upgrade our facilities and equipment, such as adding Class 100,000 cleanrooms and acquiring automated packaging machines. In addition to our advanced facilities, comprehensive management system and stringent quality control, we also actively invest in research and development of new products and technology to ensure our competitiveness in the rapidly evolving society.